About the Contact Priicer category

This is the place to reach out to Priicer and to provide feedback.

At least at first we would like users to post their direct questions to us here. We are going to experiment with not having an email address or a phone number to call, where the questions and answers are hidden from other users. We would rather foster an open discussion and collaboration between us and our users.

Please ask clear questions, post clear photos, and clear screenshots. If you re-read what you wrote before posting and dont understand it yourself, then we are likely not going to understand it, and either will our users. Please translate your questions to English.


If you have feedback for Priicer, please post it here as well. Let us know how you found us, what it was like to sign up, if it was easy or difficult to add new devices, if you have noticed hiccups or glitches, slowness, or crashes. Let us know how Priicer has helped you: Did it save you money? Did it save you time?

Priicer is in beta, so there will surely be issues along the way. We strive to have Priicer be a set it and forget it platform for some users and an engaging and interesting platform for users who are enthusiastic about controlling their loads based on the real-time price of electricity.

We want to hear from you if there are features you want to see, controllable IOT devices you would like to see added, data visualizations that you think would help, UI/UX improvements that we could consider, etc. We are development resource constrained, so it may take us a while to implement your requests and ideas, but we certainly do appreciate your feedback.

We look forward to hearing from you.